On The Hunt For The Best Reuseable Coffee Cup?

So you want to do your bit to save the planet.

First step…ditch the single use plastic coffee cup and invest in a reuseable coffee cup for your daily (or in my case, multiple daily) hit of caffeinated deliciousness.

Sounds simple enough, right? But you start doing your research and it turns out that these days there are more than just the classic Keep Cup to choose from, and even Keep Cup have different options as well…so which reuseable coffee cup should you get?

I’ve been using a plastic Keep Cup for a while now, and while it does the job it’s definitely not leak proof, so not ideal for that morning cup of coffee on the way to work, unless you don’t mind coffee stains all over the inside of your bag from the drips left in the cup.

So first things first, it has to be leak-proof.

Then you have to consider the size. Generally, the sizes for reuseable cups seem to be:

  • 8oz/227ml – Small
  • 12oz/340ml – Medium
  • 16oz/454ml – Large

The trouble is, I want a small cup for my flat white (anything bigger than an 8oz and it feels weird to drink out of) but a bigger cup for my post-morning-meeting filter coffee.

It turns out there’s not many resizeable, reuseable coffee cups out there, but I did manage to find the Pokito Cup which claims to tick all my boxes, as well as collapsing down even smaller into a nice little travel-sized package.

Check out the video for a more detailed review:


Having used it for a while now (at work as well as on the way there, after the glass Keep Cup I was using there unfortunately failed to survive me accidentally dropping it in the middle of the office) I would say that I’m a fan. I love the versatility of it, and while I was initially concerned it might feel a little odd drinking from a “squishy” cup, I don’t even notice the difference.

The only thing I would mention is that it can be easy to not screw the top on quite properly, which can result in some leakage. As long as you’re careful it’s not normally a problem, but having used it on a more or less daily basis for a few months, I’ve had probably 3 or 4 bag leak incidents (mostly when I was first getting used to it), but Nats has had a number of leaks and now wraps it in a bag before putting it in her handbag.

So even though it’s spill proof, I’d still advise making sure you screw the lid on properly, and ideally keeping it upright in your bag.

Hope you find this useful, if you have any comments on the Pokito Cup, or suggestions of other reuseable cups you’d recommend, feel free to leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “On The Hunt For The Best Reuseable Coffee Cup?

  1. That video is hilarious with you both popping the cups in and out! 😂 I use a plastic keep cup which does a good job of not leaking when wet in my bag (but spill proof not leak proof like these). It’s also dishwasher proof thankfully.

    What I want to know is where is your favourite place to get coffee that gives a discount for bringing your own cup? Apart from large chains like Pret I struggle to find places that do this and I’m surprised that some chains don’t give a discount too… it’s such a good way to incentivise people!

    1. Big chains like Starbucks and Caffe Nero give discounts indeed. Our local cafe in Deptford, the Waiting Room, does it too. But you’re right, not that many cafes offer discounts for reusable cups.

  2. Oops! You don’t mention the name of the cup I your write up or offer a link. I looked. Then saw the name on the vid. Whew. I’m moving to Georgia and the Baltic’s for the next six months. Will be getting a couple. Thanks.

    1. The name is in the short paragraph above the video, linking through to the website 🙂
      Sounds like a nice few months, what will you be doing there?
      We were just in Estonia for New year’s, really enjoyed it.
      Let us know how it goes!

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